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Aluminum Cerium master alloy AlCe10-20 rare earth Cerium alloy for grain refine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: High Broad magnesium zirconium ( mgzr ) alloy mgzr30% mgzr25%
Certification: ISO
Model Number: AlcE30
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 kgs
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Magnesium Master Alloy In Vacuum plastic bag and then in steel drums
Delivery Time: 1000 kgs: 7 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,PayPal
Supply Ability: 10000mt/month
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Detail Information

Application: Thixomolding Rolling Stamping Injecttion Molding Keywords: Aluminum Cerium Master Alloy INGOT
Chemical Content: Aluminum Cerium Master Alloy Master Alloy Factory: Manufacturers Can Be Customized ALUMINUM Master Alloy
Commodity: Aluminum Cerium Master Alloy Alce10 Shape: ALCEi 5Alloy / ALCE10 Alloy Ingot
Master Alloy Standard: HB7264-96A LUMINUM CERIUM Master Alloy

Product Description

Aluminum Cerium alloy

Formula: Al-Ce
Aluminum Cerium alloy, Aluminum-Cerium alloy, Cerium Aluminum alloy, Cerium-Aluminum alloy, Al-Ce alloy, Al/Ce alloy, AlCe alloy, Ce-Al alloy, Ce/Al alloy, CeAl alloy, Aluminum Rare Earth Alloy
Apperance: Sliver grey metallic ingot or slab
Chemical composition: Ce 10% or 20%, Al the balance
Application: mainly used as master alloy for additive in aluminum alloying, improve its alloy performance
Additive volume: as the content of Ce is 10% or 20%, there is 100g or 200g Cerium element in 1 kg master alloy, Cerium content can be controlled accurately
Aluminum Cerium master alloy  AlCe10-20 rare earth Cerium alloy for grain refine

We have many other alloys such as :
Mg-La Alloy; Mg-Sb Alloy; Mg-Ce Alloy; Mg-Sr Alloy; Mg-Er Alloy; Mg-Sn Alloy; Mg-Yb Alloy; Mg-Ir Alloy; Mg-Dy Alloy; Mg-In Alloy; Mg-Re; Mg-Ti; Mg-Re (La); Mg-Co; Mg-Mn; Mg-Si; Mg-Ca; Mg-V; Mg-Fe; Mg-Zn; mg-Ni; Mg-Al-Sc; Mg-Cu; Mg-Y-Ni; Mg-Al; mg-Al-Zn.
1. Mg alloys:
MgY25/30, MgMn3/5/10 , MgCa15/20, MgCe20/25/30, MgNd20/25/30, MgSc2/5/10/30, MgGd20/25/30, MgSr10/20, MgLa20/25/30,MgZr25/30,MgEr20,MgAl50/68,MgCu15,MgLi10,MgSi3 ,NiMg etc.
ZK60, ZM2,ZM3,ZM6,ZM21,ZM31,WE43,WE57,WE94,MnE21 etc.
For Magnesium alloys, we have strong technical team to supply customized alloy according to customers demand.
2.Al alloys:
AlZr,AlV,AlY,AlZn, AlTi,AlB,AlMn, AlEr,AlLa,AlCe, AlFe,AlSc,AlSr, AlCo,AlCr ,AlMo etc.
3. Rare earth alloys:
Y ingot/granules, DyFe ingot etc.


Chemical composition of other rare earth alloy for your refrence

Name Alloy Grade Main alloy content (%) Specification Inclusion (%) Form
Mg-Nd Alloy Mg-Nd25 Nd: 25±2% HB7264-96 As per HB7264-96 Square
Mg-Nd30 Nd: 30±2% HB7264-96 As per HB7264-96 Square, round bar
Mg-Zr Alloy Mg-Zr25 Zr: 25±2% HB6773-93 As per HB 6773-93 Square, round bar
Mg-Zr30 Zr: 30±2% HB6773-93 As per HB 6773-93 Square, round bar
Mg-Zr40 Zr: 40±2% HB6773-93 As per HB 6773-93 Square, round bar
Mg-Sc Alloy Mg-Sc Sc: 2%~10%   As per customer requirement Square, round bar
Mg-Y Alloy Mg-Y Y:20%~70% High purity Less than 100ppm Round bar
Mg-Gd Alloy Mg-Gd Gd:20%~70% High purity Less than 100ppm Round bar

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