Degradabale Magnesium Billets Dissolve Magnesium Materials For Oil Field Soluble Magnesium

Degradabale Magnesium Billets Dissolve Magnesium Materials For Oil Field Soluble Magnesium

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HB
Certification: ISO
Model Number: dissolving

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100 kgs
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: On wood pallet
Delivery Time: 1 ton: 5 days
Payment Terms: D/P, T/T, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram,PayPal
Supply Ability: 500mt/month
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Detail Information

Name: Dissolving Magnesium Alloy With High Tensil Strength , Yeild Strength Application: Degradable Soluable Magnesium Alloy Material
Type: Magnesium Alloy Produce Way: For Producing Fracturing Ball
Standard: Dissolving Of 70mm Ball In 3% KCL At 90C At 100 Hour Inspect: Elongation >5%
Key Words: 100 % Dissolving Of 70mm Ball In 3% KCL At 90C At 100 Hour Main Usage: Extrusion , Cast Bullet
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magnesium rod


magnesium bar

Product Description

Degradabale Magnesium alloy for producing Fracturing Balls, Dissolve Magnesium Materials for oil field

Bridge Plug etc. Well Construction, Well Completion application 


Magnesium alloy designed for down-hole oil and gas fracking tools dissolves after use

a proprietary high-strength, soluble magnesium alloy developed specifically for making down-hole oil and gas industry fracking tools that quickly and safely dissolve after use


Soluble magnesium alloy ball (soluble magnesium alloy ball)

The company has developed a variety of self-owned, multi-purpose soluble magnesium alloy balls (soluble magnesium alloy balls). The soluble balls are composed of magnesium matrix and other alloying elements, pressure resistance, temperature resistance, tensile strength, The technical parameters such as dissolution rate can be customized according to customer's requirements. It can be dissolved in aqueous solution containing electrolyte and different liquid environment. The composition is different and the mechanical properties are different. There are many types and different brands available to meet the different needs of customers. The structural member made of a dissolvable magnesium alloy material has high solubility and plasticity in addition to good solubility.


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As a "21st century green engineering material", magnesium alloy has high specific strength and specific stiffness, good dimensional stability, thermal conductivity, strong vibration resistance, can withstand large impact loads, and excellent casting and machining performance. And easy to recycle, these characteristics make it occupy a place in the aerospace field and can be used as an important component material on aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, satellites and other aviation equipment. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the development of the aerospace field is increasingly inseparable from the participation of magnesium alloys.


Magnesium alloys have sufficient life and fatigue resistance. When the aircraft takes off, land and encounters a gust, many structures on the aircraft will suffer fatigue damage due to alternating loads. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety, reliability and survivability of the aircraft, the materials used must have good fatigue damage resistance. . For military aircraft, the ability to continue flying after being hit by a weapon determines the strength of its survivability. Under the same degree of injury, only aircraft with strong ability to continue to fly will have a chance of survival.
The working conditions of many components in aircraft are extremely harsh, such as ultra-high temperature, ultra-low temperature, high vacuum, high stress, strong corrosion, etc. In addition, they are also limited by weight and accommodation space, and even need to operate in the atmosphere or outer space for a long time. Shut down to check or replace parts, the quality is guaranteed and reliable. With the deepening of human exploration of outer space, the performance requirements of aerospace materials are more stringent.



Aviation aircraft must have good aging resistance and high corrosion resistance in corrosive media such as air, fuel, propellant, various lubricants, hydraulic oil, etc. These media such as gasoline, kerosene, concentrated nitric acid, nitrous oxide , hydrazine, etc. have a strong corrosive effect or swelling effect on the material, which requires the device storing these media to have a certain anti-corrosion performance; at the same time, the irradiation of the sun in the atmosphere, the erosion of wind and rain, and the mildew generated in the underground humid environment, etc. It also has certain corrosion and aging effects on aviation materials.


Magnesium alloy rod
300mm or as customer's required
900.0mm or as customer's required
2000mm or as customer's required
1000*2000mm,1219*2438mm,1219*3048mm,or as customer's required
Carving,aerospace,auto,concrete tools,3C(cell phone/camera/compute),water heater,refrigerator,gas pipelines etc.
 .Good resistance to deformation force
 .Good sag resistance
 Good absorption of vibration energy performance
 Good impact energy absorption characteristics
 Low melting, small specific heat
Ordinary industrial surface,or customized
Magnesium alloy


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  • (1) Staged fracturing of horizontal wells is the main production stimulation measure for the development of low-permeability and unconventional oil and gas resources. Dissolvable Frac Plugs are the main technology for staged fracturing of horizontal wells. With the continuous development of low-grade resources, the length of the horizontal section and the number of fracturing sections continue to increase, and its importance becomes more and more prominent.
  • (2) The main body of the All-Metal Dissolvable Frac Plug is made of high-strength soluble magnesium alloy, and the seals are made of soluble alloy materials, which are suitable for high-temperature or low-temperature oil and gas wells. The pressure-bearing performance of the seal exceeds 70MPa, and the dissolution rate after fracturing is adjustable and controllable.



Advanced magnesium alloy extrusion equipment
Can meet the requirements of az series, zk series, rare earth magnesium alloy profile extrusion
High precision & good straightness
Can meet the requirements of various extrusion ratios



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