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Magnesium Master alloy MgY MgNd MgGd MgSc used for Magnesium castings

July 6, 2016

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Hunan High Broad New Material Co.Ltd.

Magnesium castings are used chiefly by the automobile industry, but also in aerospace components, defense applications and consumer goods (laptop, tablet and mobile phone cases in particular). The most widely used magnesium castings contain more than 90%Mg alloyed most commonly with aluminium. Some castings are alloyed with rare earth elements to give creep and corrosion resistance. Globally about 315kt of magnesium were used in 2015. ----From MMR report. Here we produce various magnesium master alloys such as MgY,MgZr,MgLa,MgNd,MgGa,MgSc,MgMn etc.We are able to design a brand new alloy according to your product performance request !

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