Harbin Engineering Undergraduate Students Create Magnesium Lithium Alloy "Protective Armor"

March 20, 2024

Latest company news about Harbin Engineering Undergraduate Students Create Magnesium Lithium Alloy "Protective Armor"

The student team of Magnolia Technology, inspired by the lotus leaf superhydrophobic surface, has put a layer of anti-corrosion "protective clothing" on magnesium lithium alloy materials, greatly enhancing their corrosion resistance, making them widely used in major engineering components such as aviation equipment and aerospace equipment.


Under the guidance of four teachers from Harbin Institute of Materials and Chemical Engineering, including Wu Ruizhi, Min Yixuan, Zhang Jinghuai, and Zhou Ying from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 15 undergraduate students from the School of Materials and Chemical Engineering, including Fang Ziming, Zhang Chi, Cao Jiangqi, He Liangxu, Cao Mingyu, and Zheng Jiaming, completed the "Magnesium Ling Technology - New Generation of Super Hydrophobic Lightweight Strong Magnesium Lithium Alloy Leader" project, creating micro arc oxidation super hydrophobic magnesium lithium alloy and achieving long-term service of magnesium lithium alloy in extremely harsh environments. This project won the undergraduate creative group gold award at the China International College Student Innovation Competition and was presented as a representative of the top ten national gold awards. At present, the project team has published 3 SCI papers and applied for 3 national invention patents based on research on micro arc oxidation superhydrophobic magnesium lithium alloys, of which 1 has been authorized.


The magnesium lithium alloy material developed by the Magnesium Ling Technology team has overcome the problem of poor corrosion resistance of magnesium lithium alloys, meeting the lightweight needs of China's magnesium industry upgrading and aerospace fields. I believe that this team can make important contributions to the construction of China's new materials industry This is how top international experts evaluate the project of the Magnolia Technology team.



Micro arc oxidation superhydrophobic magnesium lithium alloy has obvious anti-corrosion and lightweight effects, and can be applied to the production of components in aerospace, weapon equipment and other fields. The weight of spacecraft control unit shells made from it can be reduced by 40% -50%. Currently, four companies and teams have signed a total of 11.2 million parts pre-sale orders.