High Strength Cast magnsium alloy billet WE43 produced by HIGH BROAD

December 28, 2016

Latest company news about High Strength Cast magnsium alloy billet WE43 produced by HIGH BROAD

WE43B is a high strength cast magnesium alloy, the applicable temperature can reach 300 ℃. The alloy at high temperature without the use of silver or thorium can retain its good mechanical properties.

The alloy has long-term exposure to temperatures up to 250 ℃ when the performance is very stable. WE43B has a particularly good corrosion resistance.

Application:The alloy retains high performance at high temperatures and is of interest to aircraft engine designers and other powertrain, helicopter transmissions, missiles, racing cars and high performance vehicles.



UNS No. M18430
AMS 4427
MAM 4427
ISO 16220: MC95310



Yttrium 3.7-4.3%

Heavy Rare Earth 2.4-4.4%

Zirconium 0.4%

Magnesium balance


Heat treatment

The alloy can be heat treated under the following conditions to achieve the best performance:

Solution heat treatment at 525 ° C for 8 hours,

Air cooling, hot water or polymer quenching,

Aging at 250 ° C for 16 hours, and air cooling.

Physical properties

Density 1.84

Thermal expansion coefficient of 26.7 × 10-6K-1

Thermal conductivity 51Wm-1K-1

Specific heat 966 Jkg-1K-1

Resistivity of 148 nΩm

Elastic modulus of 45 × 103MPa

Poisson ratio 0.27

The melting range is 540-640 ° C

The damping index is 0.09

Vickers hardness of 85-105


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