[Magnesium frontier] Shenzhen, an academician orthopedic team can be degraded medical magnesium alloy is expected to be used in clinical

May 1, 2017

Latest company news about [Magnesium frontier] Shenzhen, an academician orthopedic team can be degraded medical magnesium alloy is expected to be used in clinical

There are many methods of treatment of femoral head necrosis, and artificial joint replacement is the most commonly used therapy for patients with severe femoral head necrosis, then the artificial joint material which is the best? April 28, Peking University, Shenzhen Hospital, "three projects" another key project landing, the hospital introduced for the Shanghai Jiaotong University Ding Wenjiang academician bone and joint repair and reconstruction team. It is reported that in the field of medical bio-magnesium, Dr. Ding Wenjiang led the team to develop a new generation of controllable degradation of medical magnesium alloy, and preparation in addition to the international front level of human vascular stents and bone plants have entered the pre-clinical preparation, Past medical metal can not be degraded worldwide problems. The cooperation, the two sides will be minimally invasive treatment of bone trauma, femoral head necrosis hip treatment, artificial joint replacement and other fields, especially in the medical bio-magnesium as "artificial bone" materials research and development in-depth cooperation, comprehensively enhance the Shenzhen Orthopedics Of the medical, scientific research and teaching level, better service orthopedic patients.


The "three engineering" team consists of research teams and medical teams. Scientific research team by the Shanghai Jiaotong University School of materials science and engineering professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ding Wenjiang academician led. The leading research group developed a leading international level of independent intellectual property rights of the fully degradable medical magnesium alloy material JDBM (BOCOM biological magnesium) series, in the field of bone plant and cardiovascular stent in the field of animal experiments have been successful, caused by The international counterparts of widespread concern. As the first prize winner in 2003 by the National Science and Technology Progress Award, in 2006 by the National Technology Invention Award, and the National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, in 2007 by the Shanghai Municipal Technology Invention Award.

The leader of the medical team is Professor Zhang Changqing, the current vice president of the Sixth People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, director of Shanghai Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedic Medicine, director of limb microsurgery. Mainly committed to orthopedic difficult diseases and orthopedic biomaterial research. The first in the country to carry out anastomotic vascular free fibula transplantation clinical work, has completed more than 3000 cases, the success rate of 80% or more, ranked the international advanced level, the operation has been promoted in the country to solve a large number of femoral head necrosis patients The pain. The annual volume of surgery has exceeded the United States Duke University, in the international first position.



Magnesium is one of the essential elements of the human body, is the metal material in all the biomechanical properties and human bone closest to the metal, with the ideal biological and mechanical compatibility. Magnesium alloy has excellent biodegradability, biodegradable bio-magnesium alloy known as the revolutionary biomedical metal materials, has a good comprehensive mechanical properties, biological activity and other characteristics. Ding Wenjiang academician, he studied in the field of magnesium materials for more than 30 years, led the team in the rare earth magnesium alloy, medical bio-magnesium, magnesium-based energy materials in three areas to achieve a breakthrough in application, but the team in the field of medical bio-magnesium Research results have not yet entered the clinical application, but also need to solve the "magnesium into the human body channel" and other issues. Shenzhen is an innovative city, not only a group of innovative enterprises in the field of materials, in the medical field is also innovative, the cooperation will be combined with the advantages of both sides in Shenzhen, the team's basic research and clinical combination, and jointly promote scientific research The results of clinical transformation and application, so that controllable degradation of medical magnesium alloy as "artificial bone" important material.


Peking University Shenzhen Hospital of bone and joint surgery was established in 2001, Guangdong Province is the focus of specialist, Shenzhen key disciplines, Shenzhen key specialist. According to reports, the academician team settled in Peking University, Shenzhen Hospital, relying on the Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated Sixth People's Hospital of orthopedic technology and leadership, the two sides will carry out difficult cases to discuss complex cases, joint difficult to carry out surgery, scientific research information sharing, Joint research and other projects. Especially in the minimally invasive treatment of bone trauma, femoral head necrosis hip hip surgery, artificial joint replacement and other areas in-depth cooperation. Later, Shenzhen and even the surrounding areas of fractures, joint disease patients can be at the door to accept the top level of bone surgery clinic services.