Soluble Magnesium Alloy

June 7, 2017

Latest company news about Soluble Magnesium Alloy

With the gradual development of oil and gas exploration and development to low permeability and low grade resources, horizontal fracturing technology has become an important means to improve the single well production. As an important tool for fracturing operations, the use of fracturing balls and bridge plugs is becoming increasingly widespread. At present, the conventional bridge plug includes drillable bridge plug, large diameter bridge plug and so on. Drillable bridge plug in the fracture after the end of the drill grinding process is easy to cause underground accidents and operating costs are high, while debris and operating liquid easy to contaminated reservoir.We have three kinds of soluble alloy material, can be used for processing a variety of temporary parts or supplies workpiece. This kind of material consists of magnesium matrix and other alloying elements, which can be dissolved in the aqueous solution containing electrolyte. The company has developed different materials with different rate according to different bottom conditions.


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