Wanfeng Aowei: Wanfeng Meridin will accelerate the application of leading technology to China

July 7, 2022

Latest company news about Wanfeng Aowei: Wanfeng Meridin will accelerate the application of leading technology to China

On July 5, Wanfeng Aowei introduced at the research meeting that the company's lightweight industry focused on the application of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and high-strength steel in auto parts, and transformed the company's technological advantages in traditional automotive lightweight parts into As for the market share of new energy vehicles, on the basis of consolidating the share of traditional auto parts, we will continue to increase the proportion of new energy vehicles and the value of bicycles. In addition, Wanfeng Magnesium will accelerate the technological leadership accumulated by the company in the North American market for many years, accelerate its application in China, convert it into a share in the domestic market, and promote the development of magnesium alloy industry applications with its domestic counterparts. The general aviation aircraft manufacturing industry takes advantage of the technical advantages of the "Diamond" brand aircraft in the industry, and on the basis of continuously expanding the foreign general aviation aircraft market, expands domestic business by introducing new models and landing new bases, and develops new ones based on the aviation school training application market. application scenarios to promote the development of the domestic general aviation industry.


At present, the aluminum alloy wheels are mainly used by the main engine factory. The value of bicycles is roughly the value of the wheels.


According to Wanfeng Aowei, the company's auto parts lightweight supporting plant mainly focuses on the following aspects: wheels, interior systems, body systems, power systems and chassis parts. The company currently mainly supplies aluminum alloy wheels for OEMs. The value of a bicycle is roughly the value of the wheel (4 pieces). The in-vehicle system includes instrument panel brackets, seat brackets, etc. The direction of future development is to mass-produce body systems abroad. Parts of side door panels, rear hatchback door inner panels are localized, and the application of other system parts such as chassis parts and shock towers has been developed.


Regarding the advantages of magnesium alloy automotive applications, Wanfeng Aowei introduced that lightweight has become an inevitable trend in automotive development, and is the main way to meet national emission standards, reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions, and achieve the dual-carbon goal. According to statistics, every 10% reduction in the quality of traditional fuel vehicles can reduce fuel consumption by 8%; if the weight of a pure electric vehicle is reduced by 10kg, the driving range will increase by 2.5km. Magnesium alloy is an ideal material for lightweight automobiles. Compared with steel and aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy has the following characteristics: (1) The surface reserves of magnesium metal are very rich, ranking in the top 10 of metal reserves. At present, the output of magnesium is relatively low. High, the actual output and storage are asymmetric; (2) the lightweight properties of magnesium metal, its density is 2/3 of aluminum, the specific strength is higher than steel and aluminum, it is a very light structural material; (3) magnesium can be used. Good recyclability and reusability. Magnesium alloy is a very valuable lightweight structural metal material due to its excellent properties such as low density and high specific strength.


Wanfeng Meridian will accelerate the application of the company's leading technologies accumulated in the North American market for many years to the domestic market.


Regarding the reasons for the low usage of magnesium alloy bicycles in China and the future development trend, Wanfeng Aowei said that in recent years, the amount of magnesium used in domestic bicycles is about 3-5kg, which has developed to a certain extent compared with the past. Compared with European and American cars with a dosage of 20kg, there is still a big gap and there is a large space. Specifically analyzed from the following aspects:


In terms of raw material cost, the density of magnesium alloy is about 20%-30% lower than that of aluminum alloy for the same volume of metal accessories, which can basically hedge the price difference between magnesium metal and aluminum metal;


From the perspective of physical properties and product promotion, magnesium alloys have more advantages in terms of specific strength and forming of castings, and have certain disadvantages in terms of corrosion resistance and surface smoothness. Wanfeng Meridin has done a lot of exploration in automotive structural parts. The products include steering wheels, steering shaft shells, seat brackets and some small parts within 1kg, as well as large parts such as 3-5kg instrument panel brackets, as well as body parts. The super-large parts of 5-10kg, such as the inner door panel of the side door and the inner door of the rear hatch, have been maturely applied in North America, and there are technical reserves and practices for automotive chassis parts such as shock towers and floor beams. The application trend of domestic magnesium alloy products may be roughly in the following aspects: first, continue to promote the popularization of mature and large items such as instrument panel brackets in domestic high-end vehicles, especially new energy vehicles; secondly, promote the side door inner door panel, rear hatchback door Domestic application of mature products of inner door panels; thirdly, to further promote the use of magnesium alloys for chassis parts; of course, continuous efforts should be made to increase usage scenarios in applications such as front-end modules, battery housings, motor housings, and gearbox housings;


In terms of the application ecology of magnesium alloys, China is becoming more and more mature, and it is now in a period of acceleration. In Europe and the United States, due to factors such as environmental protection policies, mid-to-high-end vehicle design, and consumption habits, magnesium alloys have been used for a long time and the usage is relatively high. In recent years, our domestic requirements for environmental protection have become higher and higher, and the trend of automobile consumption has become more and more high-end, especially new energy vehicles are more urgent and necessary to reduce weight, so although the current magnesium alloy base for bicycles Low, but the development is fast, and it will accelerate in the future. In a word, the application of magnesium alloys in automobiles, especially the application of new energy in China is a major trend. Wanfeng Meridian will accelerate the application of the company's leading technological advantages accumulated in the North American market for many years, and convert it into domestic Market share, and promote the development of magnesium alloy industry applications with domestic counterparts.


Will accelerate the localization of general aviation aircraft manufacturing


Talking about the development of the company's general aircraft business, Wanfeng Aowei said that in 2020, the company will enter the field of general aviation aircraft manufacturing and acquire Diamond Aircraft, one of the world's top three general aircraft manufacturers, which integrates independent research and development, advanced manufacturing, and sales and services. The business model structure of "Technology R&D Authorized Technology Transfer - Whole Aircraft Manufacturing and Sales - After-sales Service" of Diamond Aircraft has been optimized, and the profit has been continuously improved. It has exceeded the promised performance for two consecutive years.


At present, Wanfeng Diamond Aircraft has formed an equity structure design jointly held by Wanfeng Aowei Holdings, local urban investment companies and central enterprise investment funds. In accordance with the global integrated manufacturing strategy, the company realizes the linkage of resources in Austria, Canada and China, focuses on promoting the construction of domestic production bases, and accelerates the implementation of new models such as diamond DA50 and DA62. In the future, with the development of the general aviation market, the company will continue to explore and pilot new application scenarios to accelerate the localization of general aviation aircraft manufacturing.