Zn-Al-Y magnesium material project in China

August 4, 2017

Latest company news about Zn-Al-Y magnesium material project in China

(1) The rare earth Y was added into the AZ-based magnesium alloy, and the mechanical properties of the alloy were improved by the microalloying technology. The mechanical properties of the WFM002 magnesium alloy were studied: tensile strength ≥300MPa, yield strength ≥250MPa, elongation ≥15%, the cost is not higher than 130% of AZ31;
(2) the use of non-flux vacuum induction melting technology and closed automatic transmission technology to reduce the solution of oxidation and inclusions;
(3) Using the self-developed magnesium alloy micro-arc oxidation-electrophoresis integrated surface treatment technology to improve the surface corrosion resistance of the alloy.